The timing of your receipt of benefits depends on when you file a complete and valid claim with Volkswagen.  Once your claim has been reviewed and approved and you return a signed offer letter package, including a release signed in the presence of a Notary Public, you will receive payment or be able to schedule a closing appointment, depending on the remedy that you select.

Generation One

Generation One Eligible Owners will be able to schedule Buyback or Trade-In appointments within 60 days of acceptance of an offer.  Generation One Eligible Lessees will be able to schedule Lease Termination appointments within 45 days of acceptance of an offer and scheduling an appointment.  If an emissions modification is approved, Generation One Eligible Owners and Eligible Lessees will be able to schedule Approved Emissions Modification appointments within 60 days of acceptance of an offer.  If you are an Eligible Former Owner or Former Lessee, you do not need to schedule a closing appointment.

To be eligible to participate and receive a Buyback, Trade-In, Lease Termination or Approved Emissions Modification under the Settlements, you must be the owner or lessee of an eligible vehicle at the time you seek to obtain relief.

Generation Two

Generation Two Eligible owners will be able to schedule Participation Payment appointments within 30 days of submitting an acceptance form and individual release to Volkswagen.

If you owned an eligible vehicle on January 31, 2017 and sell, trade or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle before obtaining your benefits under the Settlements, you will lose your right to obtain any benefits, unless the reason you transferred ownership was because your car was totaled and you transferred ownership of your vehicle to your insurance company after January 31, 2017.