Your closing appointment for a Buyback, Trade-In or Early Lease Termination should be straightforward.  When you arrive at the dealer, please ask for the Program Ambassador.  You will work with the Program Ambassador and a remote closing agent to complete your closing appointment, including verification of the required Government-Issued Photo IDs, verification of the VIN, and documentation of the vehicle mileage and condition at the time of vehicle surrender.  You will also be asked to complete and sign any required documentation from you, such as a Title or a Power of Attorney, if applicable.  If you are completing a Buyback or Trade-In transaction, you will need to review and sign an Odometer Statement and Limited Power of Attorney.  After all documentation has been reviewed and verified, you will receive your payment as outlined in FAQ, “When will I receive my Settlement payment for my Buyback, Trade-In, Early Lease Termination, Approved Emissions Modification, or Emissions Compliant Repair?” depending on the payment method you selected and your vehicle mileage at the time of the closing appointment. If you select the Trade-In option, you will only receive a payment if the Trade-In credit exceeds the retail value of the newly acquired vehicle.