The JPMorgan Chase Quickpay product that is being used for individual consumer EFT payments is not available for EFT payments to businesses. If your claim is on behalf of a business, you will not receive a link from Chase to process your EFT payment.  Instead, Volkswagen will send you an email requesting that you provide your banking information to Volkswagen in order to process your EFT payment. The email will include instructions on how and where to submit your banking information, which will involve faxing a Business EFT Form and a copy of a voided check to Volkswagen at the number provided on the form. If your company cannot provide a voided check, you will be asked to provide a letter on company letterhead that provides the company’s bank’s name and address along with the routing and bank account number.  Once you have completed your closing and Volkswagen has received and processed your banking information, Volkswagen will trigger your EFT payment.