The first type of Power of Attorney is a form that you may use to delegate authority to another person to file a claim on your behalf and attend the closing on your behalf.  If you are the registered owner or leaseholder and you may not be able to attend the closing appointment, you must submit a Power of Attorney at the same time you submit the other documentation needed to verify your eligibility.  Please note that you closing appointment will be cancelled if you have not submitted a Power of Attorney as part of your claim and someone other else shows up to transact your closing appointment, even if they bring a Power of Attorney with them to the appointment.

If you are able to attend the closing appointment but there is another titleholder or leaseholder who cannot be present at the closing appointment, the individual attending the closing will need to bring a notarized Power of Attorney demonstrating that the Titleholder(s) or Leaseholder(s) have granted you authority to transact the closing appointment.  Not every claimant will have a need for this Power of Attorney.

The second type of Power of Attorney is a Limited Power of Attorney for Buyback or Trade-In closing appointments. At your closing appointment, you will be asked to sign this form to allow Volkswagen to transfer title of your vehicle from you to Volkswagen.  The Settlement Specialist will provide this form at your closing appointment.  Please note that you cannot use this form to authorize another person to transact your buyback on your behalf.