To accept the offer in your offer letter, you must sign your offer letter and sign the release in the presence of a Notary Public.  If you live in one of the following states, you will need to download an additional form for the Notary Public to sign when they notarize the release:  California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Rhode Island and Texas. Please click here to download the required form.

After the documents have been signed and notarized, you must then return both documents by uploading a copy to the Online Claims Portal, faxing a copy to 248-754-6602 or mailing a copy to VW / Audi Emissions Settlement Claims Processing, P.O. Box 214500, Auburn Hills, MI 48321.  Please note that the offer letter upload page will not allow you to upload multiple documents. If you choose to upload your offer letter and release, you will need to upload the documents into the Online Claims Portal as a single document.

The deadline to submit signed and notarized offer letter for review is September 1, 2019 for Generation 1 Vehicles and April 1, 2020 for Generation 2 Vehicles.  If you register on the Online Claims portal, you must complete Step 16 to submit your signed offer letter.  If you create a claim through the Online Claims Portal and choose to mail or fax your offer letter, you must select “Mail/Fax” and “Submit” in the Online Claims Portal and postmark or fax documents by the deadline.