Generation 1 owners and lessees have until June 30, 2019 to switch their elected remedy and may only change their remedy once after June 1, 2019.  To switch your remedy, please contact Volkswagen at 1-844-98-CLAIM and notify them that you would like to switch your remedy.  If you switch your remedy, you will be required to resubmit documents.  If you change your remedy from an Approved Emissions Modification to a Buyback or Early Lease Termination, you will be required to submit additional documents to establish your eligibility to participate in the Settlement Program, including proof of vehicle registration, a financial consent form and information about your vehicle loan (if applicable), the front and back of your vehicle title, and, if the claim is made on behalf of a business, proof of authority to transact on behalf of a business or corporation.  You must submit all required documents within 3 days of your change of remedy – and no later than July 3, 2019 – in order to participate in the Settlement Program.