If you are a Generation One Eligible Owner and you selected a Buyback or Trade-In, you will need to bring several things to your closing appointment, including:

  • Government-Issued Photo ID. If you filed this claim on behalf of another individual, please bring your Photo ID.
  • Government-Issued Photo ID for Each Listed Titleholder. If any name(s) on the title is different than the name(s) of the Registered Owner(s), you will need to bring a legible copy of a Photo ID for each individual whose name appears on the title.  This is not necessary if the additional listed Titleholder is your lender.
  • Notarized Power of Attorney for Titleholder(s), if applicable. If each Titleholder cannot be present at the closing appointment, one of the titleholders will need to bring a notarized Power of Attorney demonstrating that the other Titleholder(s) have granted that person authority to transact the Buyback or Trade-In.  A copy of a Power of Attorney Form can be found hereThis is not necessary if the additional listed Titleholder is your lender.
  • 3.0-Liter TDI Vehicle whose VIN Matches the VIN Associated with Your Claim. Remember that the vehicle must be driven under its own 3.0-liter engine power in order to complete the Buyback or Trade-In.
  • Transferable Title, if applicable. You must bring your paper title to the closing, unless you never received a copy of the title because you have a loan on your vehicle and the title was only sent to your lender.  Electronic titles will not be accepted.  Please be sure to check the back of your title to ensure that there is space for you to sign over title to Volkswagen.  If there is not a blank space for the Buyback or Trade-In transaction, you will need to obtain a new title from your DMV or similar government agency.
  • If you have any liens on your Title, other than a vehicle financing loan, you must pay off all liens before you can transfer your Title to Volkswagen.  If there is a lien showing on your Title at the time of your Buyback or Trade-In transaction, Volkswagen will require proof that the lien has been satisfied before your Buyback or Trade-In can occur.
  • Certified Check, if applicable. If your offer letter indicated that you owe money to Volkswagen to proceed with your Buyback or Trade-In, you are required to bring a certified check made out to Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.  Personal checks will not be accepted.
  • All Keys and Key FOBs.